Amazing Android Features You Need to Try!

Smart phones are incredible devices. It is amazing how much processing power fits in your pocket. In fact, our smart phones have more processing power than the computers used originally land on the moon. Most of us don’t even realize how much our phones can do. In this video, you will learn about Android features that you likely didn’t even know existed.

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Sometimes phone calls can be choppy and hard to understand. Android phones have a solution to this problem. In audio setting, you can have your phone automatically caption your calls on screen. Further, your calls be translated to a different language.

Did you know that you can have your phone read articles for you? All you need to do is open Google Assistant and ask it to read the article. It will then start reading the article out loud to you.

Have you been to a restaurant, but can’t decide what to get? Whip out your Android phone and open Google Lens. From here, you can snap a picture of the menu. This will allow you to easily copy and paste various food options into Google to search pictures, nutrition information, and more.


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