Check Out These Smart Motorcycle Helmets

Protective gear like helmets are crucial to ensure the safety of the people who love riding a motorcycle. However, with today’s technology we are now able to enhance the safety features of helmets.

The CrossHelmet X1 was designed to prevent user distraction while driving a motorcycle. This was done by giving the helmet capabilities to see 360 degrees around, noise cancellation, and smartphone connection capabilities.

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With the smartphone capabilities, every action you need taken, such as switching music, can be done with your voice.

The Jarvish X AR provides the same capabilities as the CrossHelmet X1. However, you can change your view lighting which is perfect for people with night blindness. You can also program an address into your helmet and the directions will be seen in your line of vision. If you do happen to get in an accident, the helmet also records your ride for your protection.

BMW HUD Helmet is great for those who like to spend a little more for more features. While this helmet does everything the others do, it also has some great add-ons. These extra features include the capability to see the maintenance aspects of the motorcycle. You can check tire pressure and your fluid levels right on your helmet.


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