Cloud Computing Brokerage Companies Helping Governments Face the Future

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Cloud computing is poised to revolutionize the way that state and local governments operate; discussion among front-wave technocrats has shifted in the past three years from “if” to a resounding “when.”

When government cloud security becomes a reality for every state and local government, infrastructure expenditures will be drastically reduced (estimates indicate anticipated savings of 30%).

When cloud service broker companies are able to fine-tune state and local governments’ interactions with private cloud infrastructure, platforms, and software, a region’s income level can no longer define its access to sophisticated technology.

We are working toward that day, but it is arriving much more quickly than expected. Government cloud security is becoming a reality at the state and local government levels. Understandable, given that fully half of all companies have updated or are in the process of updating their cloud computing security and access.

In the next three years, the already-robust cloud computing industry is poised to expand from $13 billion (2014) to almost $80 billion worldwide.

Cloud brokerage services apply expertise to chaos, matching companies who are already doing well with comprehensive services designed to make them do even better. The private cloud is obviously more security-savvy than the public cloud; a cloud security assessment is needed regularly, delivered with rigorous intention.

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