Could Your Students Benefit From More Technology in the Classroom?

Technology blog sites

With broad educating funding cuts, teachers cannot always expect their schools to provide technology instruction for their students. More and more in elementary schools and on into high school, teachers of standard classes are expected to incorporate technology into their classrooms.

Fortunately, a technology blogs list can help you get great ideas to incorporate activities into your regular classes, and educate students about technology. Information technology blogs are not just for IT specialists, you can check a technology blogs list, or look specifically for technology blogs for teachers, to help you work these four important topics into your classroom.

  1. Teaching internet safety.
  2. English teachers may find themselves sending students online to do research for a paper, or learn more about a topic discussed in class. Unfortunately, when students get online, unless their parents have given them some instruction or the school has made a point of it, they have almost no basis for understanding safe internet practices. Access technology blogs for teachers to learn more about how to incorporate that type of instruction in your class.

  3. Using new technology in the classroom.
  4. Some state standards require a certain level of technology to be incorporated in a class. You can use tablets, video recording, establish a class wiki online, or start a forum. You can also try listening to technology radio online with your class if you find a relevant topic.

  5. Social bookmarking.
  6. Did you know that social bookmarking can be used as an effective research tool? For class projects, students can use social bookmarking to save research, share ideas, and collaborate.

  7. The basics.
  8. Depending on the grade you teach, you may want to provide some instruction around typing, and how to use computer programs. If you are teaching a Math class, Microsoft excel could be a great bridge between class concepts and technology.

Approximately 69% of children between the ages of two and five know how to use a computer mouse, which is more children than know how to tie their shoes. Chances are your students are coming to you with a great deal of technology knowledge to start, but you can help their education along. If you are looking for great ways to integrate technology into your classroom, then technology blog sites are a perfect first step for finding inspiration.

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