Mobile Device Management


During the year 2010, the sales of smart phones increased almost 65 percent. By the year 2014, the business side of smart phones will reach almost the same percentage of the increased sales of smart phones experienced in 2010. In other words, the growing popularity of mobile devices is evident, and mobile device management software is becoming a demand for both business and personal reasons. Mdm software is easily found online, but not all mobile device management systems are created equal. BYOD policies are becoming popular as well, which is a type of policy that allows employees to use their own mobile device at work.

For instance, around 67 percent of people in North American who own an iPad routinely use their iPad at work. IBM even stated that around 75 percent of IT managers prefer BYOD policies because productivity can be increased if employees are allowed to use their own device. Security is always an issue when it comes to mobile devices, especially when dealing with a BYOD policy. Mobile device management software provides plenty of solutions for businesses operating on a BYOD policy. By 2014, the amount of people using mobile devices at work will double. IT managers should know the importance of mobile device management in the workplace.

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