Take a Look at Different Power Connectors

Ever look at a power cord and wonder why it’s shaped the way it is? The YouTube channel, ShowMeCables, demonstrates various types of power connectors and why they are made the way they are.

One basic family of power connectors is the IEC variety. They can either be inlets or outlets, which determines whether the prongs are on the outside or the inside. They are also arranged in even and odd numbers. For example, outlets such as C5 power cords are given odd numbers, while inlets like C6 power cords are even. These kinds of connectors can be found on portable projectors, laptop power supplies, and a few desktop computers.

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Another class, the NEMA group, also has multiple types of power connectors. They are also given code numbers. For example, the outlet, 1-15P, and the inlet, 1-15R, are found in older places and the outlets haven’t been grounded yet. The more modern versions, the outlet 5-15P, and the inlet 5-15R are found just about in any place that has the grounding feature. Some models include a horizontal blade, such as outlet 5-20P and inlet 5-20R, and are able to take higher amperage.

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