Tech Talk Radio is Becoming More Crucial By the Day

Tech talk radio

The weekly estimated online radio audience is 57 million people and that number has doubled every five years. So then why can I not find a decent tech chat show anywhere on the web? I know there must be good tech talk radio somewhere, some obscure podcast, or something. I’ve searched high and low for an intelligent tech talk radio show, but all to no avail.
The old days of FM, AM radio is dying out, making way for the relatively new media phenomenon of internet radio and I find it ironic that I cannot find a good tech chat show on the most revolutionary technological development we have seen yet, the internet. I cannot sit around and watch the days of the tech chat show die out with traditional radio. I retain hope that one day I will find enjoyable technology radio online.
I blame music. There are plenty of venues on the web for music listeners and it dominates internet radio. 45 percent of internet radio listeners use Pandora alone and 80 percent of internet radio listeners tune in for 1 to 3 hours a day. Some of that 80 percent have to be techies who also see the epidemic we have before us.
Even if you are not a techie, technology drives your life! Don’t you see? You are dependent on your smart phone, your laptop, your tablet, your kindle. Does it not concern the average citizen what direction these devices are going in? What the future has in store for us? I do not understand for the life of me why there is not a higher demand for a good tech chat show. For the good of the people; for the good of our country, someone must rise up and speak! We must have a tech chat show which will engage the masses in this ever critical, ever changing discourse.
The fate of America is embedded in the hardware and we need a wider spread democratic dialogue regarding it. A tech chat show worth watching (one that will draw people in, that will get them revved up about the future)has become a necessity in order to educate the masses. In an increasingly accelerating world which will leave you behind if you do not have the means or the wherewithal to keep up with it, a wide reaching tech chat show becomes the solution to ensure all people have the capacity to be well enough equipped and prepared for what is to come.

In the mean time, do any fellow techies out there know of a great tech chat show that is currently up and running? I would truly appreciate it!

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