Three Tips to Find an SEO Agency

You’re an attorney, and you want to be found. But how do you get your name in front of potential clients? SEO can help you rank your website in search engines like Google and Bing. If you’re not familiar with SEO, it can seem like a daunting and confusing task. Hiring a professional agency that knows about SEO services is vital. The agency should specialize in digital marketing for attorneys that include on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Knowing about SEO techniques will help your legal practice reach its full potential online. You can contact the agency and inquire about page SEO and how long it will take before you start seeing results from the campaign.

If you want to inquire more about SEO companies, check out their portfolio and talk to clients about their service satisfaction. You can find reviews from other clients online. Check out how much experience the agency has working on sites within your niche market, and check their actionable SEO score.

Ask past clients for references or testimonials about their experience working with the agency. Ensure that the agency is open and transparent about its processes and procedures. If they don’t want to share this information, consider looking elsewhere.

The United States advertising industry generates an estimated $48 billion in revenue. If you are interested in marketing your company, this traditionally would bring up images of billboards, television commercials, radio spots and more. However, studies show that customers are steadily shifting their shopping habits to fit a world where they have constant access to technology and information. For example, the average online shopper reads 11 customer reviews before buying a product off the internet. Because of this, learning how to market your business in the modern world typically means hiring an internet marketing firm, which will work with you to increase your online visibility, search engine rankings, website quality and more. But while there are likely a number of online marketing companies in your area with different specialties, to improve your business’s ability to find customers, you should hire an SEO company.

SEO marketing agencies are designed to increase a company’s search engine rankings by helping them figure out how to best appeal to both search engine algorithms and the customers who use them. This typically means creating online content, identifying keywords, improving website quality and more. But how do you know which SEO company is right for you?

Know What You Need
It’s fine if you don’t know what PPC, content marketing, keyword research or other common SEO terms mean. After all, this industry dates back to the mid-1990s and is constantly changing; becoming an overnight expert in SEO simply isn’t possible for most business owners. However, if you’re going to hire an SEO company to improve your online visibility, you need to have some form of set goal to bring to agencies in your area. Do you want to grow your sales by 20%? Improve your sales leads by 25%? Or are you interested in raising your search engine ranking? By having a mission you can bring to an SEO company, you can consider how they plan to accomplish it and judge their services accordingly.

Shop Around, But Keep It Quiet
Search for local SEO companies in your area and make a list of the agencies that seem to be high quality and reputable. Once you have compiled this list, contact these companies for a free consultation. Take note of how they propose to accomplish your goals and what they would charge for these services. However, don’t mention that you are consulting with a number of their competitors: while typical business logic says that a business will strive to come out on top, you want to hire an SEO company that offers the best deal and best services for your business even when the pressure is off.

Check References and Conduct an Interview
Ask to see past case studies and references from customers with similar business models or in the same industry as you to see how different agencies handle the challenges your company will offer. As you narrow down your list, take this information and pose a number of questions in person or on the phone. What was their best client experience? What was their worst, and how did they handle it? What is their biggest strength as an agency? How have they improved over the years? By combining this information with the other factors on this list, you can form a well-rounded image of a business and use that picture to hire an SEO company that is right for you and your business. Research more like this.

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