Why a Cat6 Cable Could be the Right One for You

With all of the different options of ethernet cables available, it can be difficult to know which is the one that you need. If you have been considering the cat6 cable but are unsure if it will be a good fit, here is a breakdown of the differences and benefits of that ethernet cable.

Streaming Capabilities

Cat6 cables are able to offer a greater amount of speed when it comes to streaming when compared to cat5e cables or cat5 cables. The category 6 ethernet cables use all four of the copper wiring that they have for signalling, which allows for this type of cable to reach these greater speeds.

As using devices to stream media such as videos becomes increasingly common, you may find yourself reaching for a device to catch up on the latest show rather than watching it on a television. If you are a person who often uses streaming services, you may prefer the capabilities of a cat6 cable to those of a cat5e ethernet cable.

Transmission Performance

Cat6 cables have a better transmission performance than the other two cables previously mentioned. The cat6 ethernet cables also have a better immunity to external noise.

This means that the chance for errors is less likely and there will be less re-transmissions, resulting in lost or corrupt data packets. The ethernet connection given through the cat6 cable will be more reliable and more effective.

Using a cat6 cable also allows you to get the most out of your network by giving you access to reaching the greatest speed available. This is especially good in the cases of businesses where keeping up with a certain standard is important.

As cat6 cables become the industry standard, using them may eventually become a necessity in some cases. To ensure that you are keeping ahead of the times, it may be in your best interest to upgrade to this type of ethernet cable now instead of later.

While a cat6 ethernet cable is more expensive than a cat5 or a cat5e cable and can be a bit more difficult to install, the benefits that it offers may make the downsides worth it. If performance, speed, and staying up to date with the industry standards are important to you, cat6 cables may be the right choice.

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