Are You Tired of Your Business Being Ignored by Local Consumers?

Local search optimization

Did you know that with every year that goes by, an increasing number of search engine queries are tailored to find local businesses, like yours? Subsequently, the search engine optimization strategies your company uses need to change to address the local market, specifically that based on mobile devices. Consider, a full 50% of local searches come from iPhones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Unfortunately, not every business knows what local SEO strategies they need to be using to get themselves noticed online. If this sounds like you, never fear. Here are three simple ways to improve your local search SEO in a hurry.

Three Tips and tricks for Improving Your Local Search Optimization in a Hurry

  1. Do Not Ignore Your Users on Social Media
  2. Are you aware that, according to Hubshout, 42% of people expect a response in an hour when they reach out to a company on social media? In the event that they’re taking to social media to make a complaint, that number jumps to 72%. In other words, you need to make time to engage your users on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. This can be an essential part of spreading the word of your business from customer to customer.

  3. Use Your Web Presence to Set up a Network of Local Businesses
  4. Setting yourself up as a source of local information can have a powerful effect on your marketability. As WordStream suggests, listing related businesses on your website can allow you to draw traffic when people are looking for those other businesses, and demonstrate your company’s ability as a reliable source of information. Both of these things can have a huge impact on your local search optimization.

  5. Correct and Optimize Your Local Listings on Trusted Sites
  6. Listing your business in Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and on Yelp can really go a long way in earning your business extra local visibility. However, as Business 2 Community points out, that will only be the case if you make sure each listing uses correct information — address, company name, email, and phone number — and is optimized with SEO friendly terms. Taking this step, there’s no doubt your local search optimization will improve.

Are you a digital marketer? What tips would you give to companies looking to improve their local search optimization? Share your wisdom with us in the comment section below!

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