Are You Using A Blackberry Mobile Device Management Program?

Bes policy

If your corporation currently uses Blackberry mobile devices, how will you incorporate Blackberry mobile device management into your information technology system? There can be a great deal of aspects to take into consideration when you are seeking Blackberry mobile device management programs, including features such as applications and email networks that individuals will utilize in order to access corporate email on a daily basis. The latter feature, which relies on a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES), can be one of the most crucial for each individual Blackberry holder. As such, you should ensure that your mobile device management program will incorporate BES security policy features. This Bes policy can help keep corporate information, and other sensitive information, protected during the Blackberry’s usage. Additionally, you can use your Blackberry mobile device management program to monitor applications such as games, to ensure that these devices are being used in an appropriate manner.

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