As Prices Continue to Drop, Cloud Computing Solutions Are More Attractive Than Ever

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According to Forbes, American businesses will spend an approximate $13 billion on cloud computing solutions this year. By 2018, end-users are expected to be shelling out $180 billion a year on cloud computing services, like Netflix and others. With an ever increasing number of businesses and private citizens turning to the cloud for their professional and entertainment needs, it’s only natural to ask yourself “why.”

The Biggest Driver? The Huge Price Drop
According to an article published on Wired on March 26, 2014, a recent drop in the price of services offered by cloud computing solutions is a huge driver in the move toward virtual computing. Both Google and Amazon recently announced they were slashing prices for their wildly popular cloud hosting services by 30 to 40%. When you consider that, according to, cloud computing solutions were already well-liked because of their affordable pay-as-you-go pricing schemes, it should be no surprise that making the cloud even more economically palatable has had such a huge effect.

Of Course, There Are More Reasons to Switch to Cloud Computing

  • Cloud Solutions Equal Easy Scaling
  • Scalability has long been one of the biggest selling points for cloud computing solutions. Unlike the physical, in-house IT solutions of the past, you don’t have to buy any new hardware or wait for its installation to increase your IT functionality. As Tech Target writes, a simple request will grant your company more processing power, storage, and memory faster than you can flick a light switch.

  • More Power for Less Money
  • As Forbes writes, the disparity in technology between large businesses and their smaller, feistier counterparts has always been one of the main reasons why the latter had such a hard time competing against their big brothers. It’s no secret that enterprise-sized businesses have more resources to spend on IT infrastructure than SMB owners. By using cloud computing solutions, however, that great divide disappears. Small business owners are only limited by their needs when it comes to gaining IT functionality from cloud services.

As can so clearly be seen, there’s no big mystery as to why cloud computing solutions continue to become the IT option of the 21st century. If you’re tired of paying too much for technology that barely matches your needs, what are you waiting for? A reputable cloud provider awaits. To learn more, read this.

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