Automate a Process Three Ways to Wipe the Dust Off Your Company

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If you’re a fan of ABC’s Shark Tank, then you’ve probably picked up on one key tip for companies, which is this: if you don’t continue to innovate and improve your operations, you’re ultimately going to fall behind. It’s easy to fall into the comfort of routine, but in many ways, routine is deadly to businesses. Innovation is the driving force behind company growth. How can you continue to move forward with new changes and innovations? Here are three tips for wiping the dust off your business this summer.

1. Remember to Update Your Understanding of the Customer

One aspect of complacency is falling into the idea that because you know what your customers want at one point in time, you can predict what they want and need and continue running your business without ever revising your outlook. Take time right now to re-evaluate how you could improve to meet your clients’ updated needs. Use customer surveys to poll them, call them up, or ask for feedback on your website. Priorities change over time and understanding how they change can help you stay on top of what direction your business should be moving in.

2. Adopt to a New Technology

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by new technology. You’ve already gotten used to your old software or server hosting solutions; why adjust to something new all over again? But using the best technology helps you stay on top. Cloud computing solutions are one technology worth considering — cloud solutions can help you keep data, software, and hardware all in one place. Using business phone systems that rely on cloud can help save you money and installation time.

3. Automate a Process Within Your Company

Automation helps saves money, and allows your staff to concentrate on core business operations rather than counting up numbers or sending out emails one by one. Find at least one task you can automate, which will give your company more wiggle room to grow. You might be surprised at what tasks can be automated. There are many social media programs, such as Constant Contact and AWeber, that can help you launch social media marketing campaigns semi-automatically, as an example.

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