E-Commerce Is The New Shopping Standard Organizing Your Stock With Item Master Data Management

E-commerce has fast become a way of life. For some it can be too fast.

While customers certainly enjoy the benefits of browsing high-quality products online, companies are struggling not to fall behind. Maintaining a strong e-commerce presence is more than just tallying shipping costs. It means maintaining customer security, double-checking which items are the most popular, and rising up to meet demand no matter how many times it changes. When all of this seems like too tall an order, item master data management software can help. Designed with the express purpose of creating structured data with results, your digital shelf will finally get a little relief over the coming years.

Let’s take a look at today’s e-commerce rates and what product catalog software can do to ensure you’re always a top competitor.

What makes e-commerce such a popular choice today? It all boils down to convenience. While the physical shop hasn’t fallen out of style, shopping and browsing online is simply a cheaper and more fruitful way of doing things. Consumers can be exposed to products they never would have found in their city and unique services can have an easier time getting the most out of their niche. Any business that wants to stay relevant today should have at least a surface knowledge of e-commerce and how to maintain it.

American e-commerce sales are all but skyrocketing. According to recent data American e-commerce sales reached nearly $400 billion back in 2016 and is projected to hit $650 billion once 2020 arrives. The consumer packaged goods industry remains among the largest in North America, with an approximate value of $2 trillion. Item master data management software is a logical conclusion against numbers that can almost seem unreal. Imagine where a little organization can take you and your brand.

As you likely can imagine, e-commerce wouldn’t be where it is today without mobile devices. Mobile commerce makes up nearly 30% of all American e-commerce, cementing a truly ‘on-the-go’ culture that won’t quit any time soon. A small business can just as easily use item master data management to figure out their stock as a grocery store can to ensure it doesn’t run out of in-demand food. There are little upgrades you can make to improve your e-commerce presence beyond software, as well. Look to your images.

Are you providing high-quality images to bring in new consumers? Is your website easy to browse on both mobile devices and home computers? A survey on e-ecommerce necessities found a little over 65% of consumers stating they want to see at least three pictures of the product while shopping around online. When as many as 80% of consumers today will research products online before making a purchase, this is one aspect you can’t afford to overlook. First impressions, more often than not, are harder to shake than second impressions.

Catalog management software makes sure nothing slips beneath your notice. From rising trends in a certain product category to essential customer information, your business will be better for the organization. The industry you work in doesn’t matter all that much, either. A recent survey of over 1,000 American consumers found 35% plan to grocery shop online in 2018, up from 20% just the prior year. E-commerce is a fast and convenient way to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Get the most out of it with item master data management software.

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