Everything You Need To Know About The Latest Industrial Xray Technology

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Long gone are the days when radiation and xrays were used solely for medical purposes. The industrial xray movement began around 1912 and has evolved immensely in the last century. As technology in the digital age continues to improve, so does the equipment used for industrial scanning and 3d imaging. Here are a few of the latest advancements in the industrial xray that make it a phenomenal tool for manufacturers:

Faster captures

The use of digital x-ray technology reduces the radioactive source power and exposure time resulting in an image transfer that is five times faster than using traditional chemical film processing. In fact, an industrial xray can take up to 30 frames per second!

Capability to scan any size

An industrial xray can scan any part from .5 mm long to 1 m long as well as 660 mm in diameter. The equipment can use different focal spot sizes based on the size of the part to get the best picture. For example, a micron focus tube with a very small focal spot size could be used for semiconductors or thin welds.

Incredibly high resolution images

This is particularly applicable to industrial computed tomography scanning technology. Because it’s focal spot is only a few microns large, the resolution of an industrial CT scan is over 100 times better than the best CAT scan in the world.

The latest and greatest technology in the industrial xray field is beneficial to manufacturers in very measurable ways, namely in cost and time savings. By being able to inspect the interior of products quickly and non invasively, companies will spend less time on inspections with more accurate results. They will see financial rewards as well. Using scanning equipment can cut quality inspection and failure analysis costs up to 75%.

Applicable to everything from pipelines to car and airplane parts, an industrial xray is used to detect cracks or breaks in products that may not be visible from the outside. It’s a great option for manufacturers to ensure that their materials meet quality standards. There are numerous companies that provide industrial radiography services and other inspection services for those manufacturers who strive to provide error-free, top notch products.

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