4 Reasons To Contact an SEO Consultant ASAP for Your Business

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SEO services — also known as search engine optimization services — are very important for any business looking to develop a strong online marketing strategy. Here are just a few interesting facts about the industry of SEO, along with some cool ways that SEO marketing consultants are able to make the most out of any business’s SEO campaign:

  • The two major aspects of online search engine marketing today are often considered to be inorganic search results, otherwise known as pay per click advertising, and organic search results, otherwise known as SEO. PPC services are often best for creating a high number of conversions in the fastest time possible, and PPC ads are called “inorganic” because they don’t appear naturally on a search engine results list.
  • Even though PPC services can be great for short term results, search engine optimization tends to be best for long term results. In fact, it’s estimated that three out of every four search engine users will choose an organic page result instead of an inorganic paid ad, and around 80% of all internet users state that they ignore paid ads completely.
  • Search engine optimization also incorporates aspects of web design, so web designers are considered an important part of any SEO consultant service. SEO naturally relies on two general things (which can be broken up into endless subcategories): user engagement and adherence to search engine requirements. Search engines, like Google or Bing, have “web crawlers” that categorize and rank every website on a routine basis and websites that aren’t optimized for this analysis won’t be cataloged properly.
  • So why is search engine optimization so important, anyway? Well, PPC is actually cheaper (per conversion) compared to radio ads, TV ads, and newspaper/magazine ads. SEO organic results are equally important because around 93% of all activity on the internet begins with a search engine. Of these search engine results, around 40% of all clicks go to the top three pages listed in the organic results list.

Search engine optimization is simply something that you can’t ignore any longer if you want to maintain a successful business!

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