Facts About Fire Alarm Systems

If you have a business or commercial building, you need a fire alarm system. Fire alarm systems not only keep you, your employees, your vendors, and your customers safe, but they also save you money. A fire alarm system will save your business from total destruction if there is a fire in your building.

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So what does a fire alarm system do? There are a few functions. The first thing it does is alert the local fire department that there is a fire without needing to call the emergency line. You can also install speakers that give everyone in the building a warning message.

Fire alarm systems can also be connected to sprinkler systems. If the system is alerted of a fire, the sprinklers will automatically spray water or other fire suppressants on the blaze, saving you and your building.

The system can either be activated manually with a switch or automatically using smoke detectors and other sensors. Manual switches should be out of reach of any children.

Fire alarm systems keep us safe, make the fire department’s job easier, and save you money. If you have more questions about fire alarm systems, see the linked video for more information.


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