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A recent showed that the leading cause of hiring mistakes and fast turnover is a poor skills match. Essentially, the wrong person was hired for the wrong position in the first place. As most employers already know, turnover is one of the biggest expenses a company has to deal with.

Getting the right executives in the right positions will increase productivity and overall success as each individual utilizes their unique experience and skill set to advance the whole company. That is where HR executive search consultants can make the difference.

Bringing in hr executive search consultants will ensure people have someone dedicated to making sure you get the employees that are best suited for the positions you critically need filled.

Millennial are considered the job hopping generation due to their willingness to go from one job to the next. The current belief is that people should gain happiness and fulfillment from their job, so if that isn’t found, many will just move on to the next company. There are restructuring consulting firms that will work with companies to find ways to better utilize the workforce they have, but also to increase retention.

For example, recent students show that employee recognition programs go along way in increasing employee retention. People like to hear that they are doing a good job. They like to be recognized for their accomplishments. Roughly twenty percent of workers today belief their managers do a good job of encouraging them to work hard and excel in their positions.

Creating a recognition program that speaks directly to your workforce will improve retention and productivity. Benefits are also a significant factor. While many companies may feel they cannot commit for the best employees due to their inability to provide large salaries, benefits have been found to be significant factors in job decisions.

Companies that offer eleven or more benefits are more likely to attract and maintain top employees. While benefits such as medical insurance are important, paid time off was the most sought after benefit according to a recent survey. Employees are willing to work harder to get more time away from work.

Regardless of the benefits or recognition program you offer, you still need to find the employees that will be the best match for the positions you have available. It is the skill set match that provides the best indicator of long-term success, and that is where HR executive search consultants help. They will enable you to grow your company quickly and effectively by lining up the best possible candidates for each and every open position.

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