How Are Undersea Cables Protected?

Undersea cables are some of the most important tools we have for connecting people around the world. In fact, with just a few undersea cables, the whole of the internet is allowed to function as it does. But without the cable seals that protect them, they wouldn’t be very useful at all. Let’s take a look at how undersea cables are protected.

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First and foremost, undersea cables are incredibly well-insulated. This protective measure is designed to keep the wires and fiber optics within each cable safe from any moisture or temperature-related damage. In addition, this insulation helps to ensure that individual wires aren’t crushed under the weight of the ocean. Since undersea cables sit on the seafloor, they’re often subject to massive amounts of pressure. If the water pressure breaches any part of the cable, then it would cease to function properly.

It’s also crucial to protect these cables from curious marine life. Not only to preserve the cables, but also to protect marine life from harm. Hard outer seals on the cables prevent damage from any toothy creature looking for a snack.


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