The Basics of Dark Fiber

It helps to know the benefits of faster internet speeds for school districts. Youtube channel Wisconsin DPI – Resources for the Field describes “ dark fiber” in detail through their video, and how it can help modernize local education systems.

“Dark fiber” refers to a fiber that hasn’t been “lit” yet, or doesn’t have any internet traffic flowing through it. It’s similar to electrical wiring that has no power source to supply electricity.

Video Source

To become “lit,” special kinds of network equipment must be attached to the fiber at both ends to distribute bandwidth throughout buildings.

Similar to a water faucet, lit service providers that own the fiber can “throttle down” the internet flow in your facility, like reducing water coming out of a tap. However, if you own or lease the specialized network equipment, the internet tap can be opened to full. Service providers reduce the flow so it matches the amount agreed in the contract.

If dark fiber is owned by someone other than a lit service provider, it can have maximum internet flow, but all the expenses of installment, maintenance, and configuration have to be taken into account. Otherwise, the service provider would take care of those aspects.

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