How to Find Creative Advertising Opportunities in an Online World

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In the golden age of American advertising, which took place in the 1950s and 1960s, image was everything. Fresh from the Great Depression and World War II, the country was both improving financially and thriving culturally. Advertising companies were therefore able to successfully pitch a variety of products and services through now-famous print advertisements, TV commercials, and slogans. However, thanks to the birth of the internet, the way people shop has changed: customers are now more likely to research their potential purchases online instead of impulsively buying cars and refrigerators to keep up with the Jonses. While traditional advertisements still have their place, marketing your company in the modern world is increasingly focused on website design and hosting. But this doesn’t mean that creative advertising agencies don’t have their place: read on to learn about creative online advertising opportunities for your business!

Web Design
Most modern business owners are aware that having a website is incredibly important when it comes to attracting web-conscious customers. However, did you know that search engines like Google rate websites based on the quality of their web design to help determine their online visibility? This means that using an online web design program to create a basic site for your business isn’t going to cut it if you want to compete with other companies. Working with website design agencies puts you in contact with professional web designers who know a variety of ways to create a quality website. For example, did you know that websites with videos are 50% more likely to be ranked higher on search engines like Google? Or that businesses that run a blog which posts 21 to 50 times a month increases an average 45% increase in web traffic? These are only two suggestions designers at creative advertising agencies might make to create an excellent website.

Search Engine Optimization
Once you have a high quality website, web traffic won’t show up on its own. While your first impulse might be to purchase advertisements, this is a less than effective tactic: studies show that around 70% of the links search engine users are organic, not sponsored advertisements. SEO uses a variety of methods to naturally improve your search ranking and connect you with interested users; a number of creative advertising agencies often offer these methods in addition to web design and other digital advertising techniques.

Mobile Capabilities
By the end of 2014, the number of mobile internet users are expected to surpass the number of desktop users. However, many websites are still not optimized for mobile usage, which can result in the loss of valuable web traffic. For this reason, many business owners should discuss optimizing their website or creating an additional mobile site with a professional web designer.

Email Marketing and Social Media
Emails and social media accounts are possibly two of the most neglected areas of online customer relations: almost every business knows that they should do it, but only 30% of companies respond to feedback they receive on social media, and many are too worried that their messages will be deleted to start an email campaign. However, social media offers the perfect opportunity to interact with users, and research shows that consumers who receive marketing emails have been shown to make 44% larger purchases than those who do not. Working with creative advertising agencies can often help business owners create effective, appealing advertising strategies for both their social media and email campaigns. With these opportunities, the choice is clear: contact an internet marketing firm today to discuss creative advertising opportunities in the online world.

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