More than Internal Network Monitoring Consider Data Security

Because of network monitoring, so many things about the workplace have changed over the last 10-15 years. One of the most common features that have changed because of company network updates is the ability to telecommute to work. While there may not be a lot of salary or hourly-paying position that allow 100% telecommuting, the occasional ability to work from home is offered. Especially if your child or spouse becomes sick or injured, or there is another family emergency, the ability to telecommute allows for the completion of work during the hours you have the most availability.

Improvements of Network Monitoring Over the Years

One of the greatest updates has been the broad availability of WiFi. It is the primary internet option from any local cable or networking company, and it is also offered for free from most coffee shops, restaurants, and other locations. From anywhere you can access your company’s network through the use of WiFi.

Additionally, there has been the inclusion of the cloud in network monitoring. This has been extremely helpful in immediate work and updates being completed from a telecommute position. Back in the day when the VPN was harder to access, there is much to gain from IT consultants that only have to help with your home internet access, rather than access to the company network as well.

Additional Valued Services for Network Monitoring

We all know that even the strongest and safest data network is subject to hacking. Even the largest and most secure corporations in the world, as we have recently seen on the news so often, has the potential to have their database information stolen. So, there is no reason to rule out the added security offered by any of the following services:

  • Network security
  • Network support
  • IT outsourcing
  • IT services
  • IT solutions
  • IT support

With so many issues that have arisen in any number of networks, there is much to consider when backing up files, when almost half of the companies that lost their data in the cloud and had to restore it from backup files. Additionally, knowing in advance that about one-fifth of American small businesses are hacked each year may help you in the decision to increase network security and IT support, especially for the benefit of your customers as well as your personal and brand information.

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