Solar Energy And The Future The Little Details That Go Into Keeping Solar Panels Working Their Best

It’s all in the mix.

Apply it to cake batter, apply it to concrete cement, this old adage holds true. This is the logic that goes into your dispensing machine and the kind of quality it can give your clients in the long run. The epoxy dispenser may be of a higher standard these days thanks to the accessibility of powerful materials, but applying it the right way takes a little more work. There are a lot of major and minor factors that can get in the way of your adhesive dispensing system doing the job it’s meant to. When you decide to swap out your epoxy dispensing equipment, consider brushing up on application techniques, as well.

It might just mean the difference between a good job and a great job.

Energy Consumption Is Higher Than Ever…What Do We Do?

You’re already familiar with the function of the meter mix system when it comes to saving energy. The United States is a powerhouse in more ways than one and that translates into astronomical energy costs that need to be curbed. The U.S. Department Of Energy works hard night and day to provide ongoing data to help us better understand our energy output. Recent studies hae estimated LED lighting alone has the potential to reduce American energy usage by 50% or more. LEDs, unlike standard halogen models, use just 15% of the energy while providing 80% more light.

Solar Power Is A Great Resource…How Are We Using It?

What does a dispensing machine have to do with energy? Let’s just say a little goes a long way. The cost of solar panels has dropped significantly these past few decades, making them more accessible and more effective in one fell swoop. Solar panels today are half as cheap as they were in 2008 and are being installed in residential and business locations like. Scientists have come together and compiled years’ worth of research to determine the positive worldwide impact of solar energy. If a mere 0.0005% of the earth’s surface were covered with solar panels all of our energy needs would be satisfied.

The Future Of Energy Is Looking Bold…Can Meter Mixing Help?

Solar energy is becoming a must-have the world over. As of December of 2017 there were nearly 50 GW of total solar capacity in the United States. That’s over one and a half million solar installations across the country, with this figure hitting the one million mark after 2016 and cementing a record year of growth. By the time 2022 arrives this might very well reach four million. Over 250,000 Americans work in the solar power industry across 9,000 different companies, relying on smart gear metering systems and dispensing machines to make sure every job is done right the first time.

Meter Mix Systems Require A Steady Hand…What Do You Know?

The function of a good potting compound is to create a complex mold that can hold up to heat, pressure and time all at once. The curing process alone can see potting compounds reaching temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius or higher. These need to flow well to encapsulate the electronic components without the risk of voids or air bubbles. Achieving the right viscosity of the compound will make sure you aren’t left with tiny gaps that can turn into major problems. The average potting compound will waver between 400 cps to 50,000 cps, depending.

The Expoxy Dispenser Is Indispensible…Are You Improving It?

Solar energy is one of the greatest human inventions. It’s a clean energy source that provides more than enough power for small buildings, individual residents and massive establishments alike. It’s only going to keep gaining traction from here, so keeping pace with a good dispensing machine is key to making sure your business is reaping the benefits. Your metered liquid dispenser should be designed for the job and attended closely to ensure it’s creating the ideal compound. Even tiny air pockets or slightly inadequate viscosity can wreak havoc on the final result.

Don’t get your compounds mixed up. Make sure your epoxy dispenser pump is good to go.

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