The Farmers Delight Minecraft Mod Will Make You Feel Like a Chef

Minecraft is a tremendous game with so much creative possibility around every corner. That is, unless you are looking for cooking. Minecraft cooking has always been bland to say the least. You simply cook raw food items by sticking them in a furnace with some fuel such as coal or wood. However, this all changes thanks to a particularly interesting Minecraft mod known as Farmer’s Delight.

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This mod adds whole new ways of cooking food into Minecraft and is sure to be a hit amongst you and your friends. Speaking of friends, Minecraft is so much better when you play it with others. That is why everyone should consider internet hosting for their very own Minecraft server to share with friends.

Farmer’s Delight adds a number of new foods to your game. However, it is not just the number of foods that are exciting, but the ways that you make them. You will need to chop up some ingredients while you throw others into a pot. Still others will need to be stacked to make a sandwich. The amount of cooking depth has been clearly improved. Now, making food takes some preparation. However, this preparation is not without its rewards. These new foods often have beneficial effects much like traditional Minecraft potions. There is so much new to learn and explore with this wonderful mod.


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