How This New Device Could Get Your Car Stolen

Thieves have long been stealing cars. They are worth a lot of money after all. Sometimes a crook will see a nice car and simply can’t help themselves. Of course, everyone has a choice. They simply make the wrong one.

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In general, it is hard for thieves to steal a car. They either have to have the right tools or expertise, or an opportunity where the car is left unlocked. Even then, they would still have to hardwire the car to get it to start without the keys. Unfortunately, stealing cars just got a lot easier thanks to a new gadget.

The Apple AirTag is a small device that can help you keep track of your belongings. You could put it on your keys so that you never lose them again. You could also put it in your car so that you never forget where you parked. However, crooks can also use this new device. Since it is magnetic, it can be stuck to a car by a thief. The thief will then track down the car later and wait for an opportunity to steal it. Regardless, crooks like these nearly always get caught eventually. Then, they will certainly need to contact there bail bondsman.


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