An Illustrated Guide to Seawall Maintenance

As the video “Seawalls by RamJack Part 1 OF 4 The Problem” discusses, seawall maintenance is crucial. Seawalls are a colossal part of the infrastructure built along the beachfront. They serve many purposes, from aesthetic appeal to their role in the coastline’s protection.

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Another major issue they address is taking some of the strain off on onshore and offshore facilities.

These facilities include seawater pumping stations and foundations for coastal and inland development. You can purchase tools for seawall maintenance from many sources. A simple set of hand tools should be all you need, such as a hammer and nails to a level. The most important thing you need to do regularly is repair any cracks or holes along the top surface.

You can best accomplish this task by first examining the wall in question. Ensure you determine how wide the crack or hole is and how deep. Using these guidelines, you can purchase and use the appropriate repair materials. For holes in the concrete, filling these with epoxy works best. In this case, you should use a needle and syringe to apply the epoxy into each hole. You need to understand how to perform seawall maintenance tasks to preserve your seawall and make it easy on you.


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