The Other Side of The Cloud — Uses, IT, Brokers, and More

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The Cloud has done wonderful things for people in terms of storage. No more flash drives, no more panic when a computer crashes – everything is there when it’s needed. For those who do more than just use the system, the opportunities are endless. With such a vast amount of information being stored, shared, and sent to the Cloud, specialists are necessary. This is where Cloud services brokers come into the picture.

Interesting Cloud Facts from Behind the Scenes

Before getting into Cloud services brokers and how these experts are beneficial, here is a bit of information about this program to give some background knowledge.

  • The large majority of businesses (59%) use the Cloud to share data effortlessly across applications due to its ability to improve integration between development and operations.
  • The government is in the process of reducing data infrastructure costs by 30% by switching to the Cloud.
  • The global market for Cloud equipment will almost reach $80 billion by 2018.
  • However, by 2016, public Cloud spending is expected to reach over $100 billion.
  • Of all the companies who use the Cloud, 80% of them are creating stricter rules regarding the program.
  • Half of Cloud using companies plan to upgrade in the next year.
  • According to a survey, reliability is the most important factor for Cloud service providers, followed by cost, then ease of integration.
  • The Cloud security services sector is rapidly growing and is expected to reach almost $9 billion by 2019.
  • About one-third of IT services are done either partially or completely by Cloud.

As you can see, the Cloud is used for much more than just storage. With needing to integrate between various applications, technologies, and even different businesses, Cloud services brokerage is imperative for anyone needing to use the program.

Who are Cloud Services Brokers?

With everything moving to digital and with the extreme simplification of everything, Cloud brokerage services have become a huge industry and is expected to grow 8 times the current size by 2018. Cloud service brokerage, or CSB, is a business model in the IT sector. Companies in this industry add value to different Cloud services, either public, private, or a hybrid, for a variety of customers. These companies have three main roles: aggregation, intermediation, and customization arbitrage.

What do Cloud Services Brokers do?

  1. Aggregation — Aggregation brokers act as a binder to bring the different applications, technologies, and services together.
  2. Intermediation — Intermediation brokers implement value-adding programs to existing Cloud platforms.
  3. Customization Arbitrage — Cloud services can be customized for the customer, so multiple similar services are offered.

The Cloud is much more than just simply saving documents or sending confidential information. There’s a whole industry dedicated just to customization. When upgrading your cloud services, contact the experts to get exactly what you need.

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