The Top Three Advantages IT Pros Have To Offer

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The fact is that we now live in a world dependent on technology — and computers in particular. On a personal level, many of us spend plenty of downtime on our computers, having fun and surfing the web. But computers have become essential to the professional world as well. It can be difficult for some to comprehend exactly how important computers are to the world of business until the worst happens. If a computer system crashes, a business can find itself dysfunctional for days or even weeks. If security systems are breached, a countless amount of data and trade secrets can be compromised. Where once many small businesses felt that they could run their computer systems on their own, now many admit that they need professional help. Think of it this way: just as a professional security firm is hired to protect a building, so too are professional IT managed services providers hired to protect a company’s computer system. However, it’s important to remember that IT managed services providers aren’t simply there to keep your computers safe. They can also manage your computer systems’ inner workings, ensuring that they run much more smoothly than they would otherwise. Here are a few reasons why small businesses hire professional IT services to handle everything from data breaches to slow computers.

1. Cost Efficiency

It may seem on the surface that it would be cheaper for small businesses to handle IT services “at home” than it would be to outsource to IT managed services providers. This is actually far from the case. When a non-professional is handling s slow, older computer, they may simply chalk the issue up to old age. This results in the computer being thrown away and replaced with a newer model. In many cases, this is unnecessarily — and IT managed services providers know this. Often times, a slow computer simply has too many unnecessary files and programs downloaded. For a professional, this is an easy job of clearing out these files and programs. They can also teach people to do the same the next time this issue crops up. Furthermore, a computer maintenance professional can prevent a number of expensive issues that will only result in ruined computers — like viruses — but professional disasters. When the result of a malicious or criminal attack, data loss costs an average of $246 per compromised record, followed by system glitches at $171 per glitch, and employee mistakes at $160 per mistake. If computer support services can prevent these issues, you will save money.

2. Security

There are many risks to computers when it comes to security. The fact is that business is a competitive world, which means that many businesses’ computer systems are at risk of malicious or criminal attacks. This could result in destroyed files or stolen information, yielding long-term results for the attacked business. An IT professional can help install many different security measures. Random viruses can be handled through strong antivirus programs. Firewalls can also add a lot to security. However, many security problems can be combatted through seemingly simple means. At the moment, only 8% of users don’t reuse passwords. Reusing passwords — and having a weak password at that — is a major mistake for businesspeople, and in fact computer users in general. If you reuse your password, someone who cracks one password will have access to many other accounts. An IT professional can help you find a strong password — and for that matter, several.

3. Efficient Usage

Many of us don’t even know what our computers are capable of. An IT professional can help business people better integrate their computer systems do their work. This results in your business running much more efficiently. You deserve to get the most out of your computer system as a small business owner. Consulting professional makes it a much easier and faster process.

In general, the goal of computer repair technicians is to make things easier on busy professionals. Why not take advantage of what they have to offer?

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