The Updated List Five Things You Might Not Know About Cloud

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Cloud computing has left the niche market and is now a mainstream option for data storage. By the end of 2014, about $13 billion will have been spend by U.S. companies on managed hosting services and cloud computing. However, that does not mean that everyone has been equally informed about its capabilities.

You may think you know a lot about cloud computing, but do you know the full story? Here are five fresh facts about cloud solutions that you might not be aware of.

1. Cloud Computing Has Been to the Supreme Court

In June, U.S. a case brought by broadcasting companies against Aereo Inc. went to the Supreme Court. At the heart of the case was cloud technology and differentiating between what is simply storage, and what is violating broadcasters’ copyrights. The Supreme Court agreed that transmitting live recordings by use of antennas was a violation. It is possible the case will set a precedent for other cloud lawsuits.

2. Not Everyone Believes in It

In spite of the fact that many devices, and about 40% of companies, now use cloud server solutions, 32% of Americans surveyed still believe cloud solutions are “a thing of the future.”

3. Cloud Hosting Helps Companies Save Money

After adopting cloud technology, about 14% of companies are able to downsize. Cloud helps businesses have more flexibility when it comes to storing data. It can also help to streamline internal operations.

4. New Case Pits Cloud Against Authorities

This week, Microsoft was ordered to turn emails stored on an overseas server over to law enforcement in relation to a narcotics case. Microsoft had argued that the customers owned the data, not Microsoft, so the warrant should not have been for them. This case strikes a blow to cloud companies, and Microsoft, along with other big names like Apple Inc. and Cisco Systems Inc. have filed arguments.

5. How Cloud Deals With Security

Is cloud 100% safe from attack? No — nothing on the internet is. However, it’s worth noting that cloud solution providers are heavily investing in amping up their system security. About 90% of Microsoft’s research and development budget, for example, is going toward improving cloud, including improved security measures.

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