This Coating Can Save Your Roof From Hurricane Damage

You may not think of polymers as technology, but they are making a huge difference. In the roofing industry, acrylic polymer mixtures are now being sprayed on roofs prior to hurricanes making landfall. This is because they add a significant amount of added protection to roofs.

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Watch this video to learn how it works.

The acrylic polymer is sprayed out of a nozzle and onto every inch of the roof. As it soaks into the tiles, it hardens and provides additional support. It glues everything together to form one large cohesive roof structure. This means that the hurricane would have to yank off the entire roof rather than each shingle. Plus, this entire roof is now solidly glued to the house itself. This is why this technique has proven to prevent damage from miles up to 130 miles per hour. Even if you don’t live in a hurricane prone area, this coating can still significantly extend the life of your roof by as much as 100%. It may even protect your roof from a run in with a tornado if you live in the Midwest part of the country.


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