Three Ways IT Support Can Help Your Company

Computer anti virus protection

When it comes to the priorities of the typical industrial construction company, IT solutions were perhaps, once, not the highest. The American construction industry has a market share of around 10%, making it the second largest construction industry in the world. Employing about 7.8 million production workers in the U.S. alone, the construction industry is often thought of as a deeply physical one, handling the tasks at hand with strength and force. But just like many other industries, construction has moved into the future. An industrial construction company will be expected to keep a lot of data backed up on computers. This kind of data can include not only employee information, but information about clients and future plans. Much of the planning that goes into construction today is done on computers, with models of future structures being rendered on computers and saved before projects go ahead. With that being said, it’s extremely important that the typical industrial construction company has managed IT services at the ready. IT support can save an industrial construction company from everything from lost information to data breaches, and a number of security issues. Let’s look at some of the ways keeping IT support on hand can help a construction company.

1. Virus Protection

Theoretically, we all know about the risks that computer viruses serve. But how much do we actually do to prevent infection? The answer is: probably not much. Viruses can be spread in a number of different ways — through websites, downloads, and of course emails. Each day, 200,000 to 300,000 new viruses are discovered. What are these viruses, anyway? The term virus encompasses a broad range of malware. These viruses can delete or corrupt files, and really destroy your computer from within. It can be extremely difficult to get rid of a virus or save your computer after it’s been infected, which is why IT support should be consulted about antivirus software. If used correctly, antivirus software can be very effective, estimated to detect about 25% of the popular malware currently being emailed to people. Of course, IT support is also who you should turn to should your computer have already been infected with a virus. IT support can in some cases save your computer from total destruction, and even repair it completely. This really depends on the type of virus at hand, and how much damage it’s already done.

2. Security

Cyber-security is a major issue right now. Security is being breached through hacking. Hackers are able to steal potentially thousands of files of information at one time, leading to critical data breaches. Construction companies might have to worry about plans being stolen, or even sabotaged by the competition. Client information can also be stolen. This can be detrimental to a company in many ways. Many potential clients will dismiss working with a company outright if it has experienced a data breach. Identity theft is a major issue in the business world as well, and perhaps one of the main reasons why hackers breach computer security. The fact is that you can not be too careful when it comes to your online security. You need to take it seriously, and IT support can help you with that. By installing firewalls an other security measures, IT support can prevent the worst from happening. This doesn’t always mean making huge changes — something as simple as beefing up your password protection can make a big difference.

3. Data Recovery

Data recovery can be necessary for a number of reasons. Perhaps your files have been corrupted or deleted after a virus. Maybe you accidentally deleted important information on your own — perhaps it simply seems lost. IT support can help you find the data you’ve lost and back it up. In the construction industry, so dependent on this kind of data, this can be a major issue. But don’t take chances with any of these problems — talk to IT services soon.

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