Web Design Services for Small Business Can Improve Traffic and Sales

Web design services for small business

According to Internet Retailer, eCommerce continues to explode in yearly revenues. Indeed, 2013 is expected to show 13% growth over 2012, with web businesses generating over $262 billion in the United States alone. If businesses want to increase their revenue and expand their company, then the internet is certainly the most important tool for doing so. However, simply existing on the web is not enough.

Many small business owners believe that creating a website that features some content will be enough to get their business noticed online. The fact is, however, effective internet advertising is about so much more. It is about quality content, and it is about attention to detail. In short, it is about website design. If you are a business owner wondering how you can improve your online brand, then web design services for small business may be just the thing.

  • Copy First, Design Second
  • The best website designers know that they have to build professional web development around copy. After all, as written on Search Engine Land, design can entertain the eyes and keep people interested, but it is the content, the engaging copy, that keeps web users coming back, increasing their chances of making a purchase. Graphic designers are an important piece of the puzzle, but copywriters and SEO analysts have to craft the content that keeps the site relevant.

  • A Focus on Mobile Ready Pages
  • By 2015, mobile commerce is expected to generate annual revenues exceeding $119 billion. Web design services for small business know how to craft creative, easy to access websites that are essential to accessing the traditional and mobile markets. There is a variety of things that need to be considered in effective web design for both platforms. Graphic design, interface design, authoring, SEO, and other methods all work in concert to offer a universally accessible website.

    With mobile, however, there are specific things web design services for small businesses take into consideration. Namely, when designing a website for mobile users, customers need to be able to find your basic information quickly. Office hours, location, and contact information are crucial to gaining mobile followers. As NBC News writes, optimizing the site for mobile to give users a rapid experience, no more than a five second load time, is equally essential.

  • Convenience Equals Revenue
  • One of the best ways web design services for small business improve their clients’ income potential, according to Entrepreneur, is by crafting top eCommerce solutions that are as safe as they are convenient to use. Beyond offering consumers great products and quality customer service, all businesses need to offer a convenient way for consumers to make a purchase. A quality web design company can build eCommerce storefront solutions directly into their clients’ pages, drastically improving the ease of making a purchase.

As internet marketing continues to evolve, web design services for small business will become ever more crucial in successful advertising. None would have thought 10 years ago that people wanted to receive coupons and special offers on mobile devices, but here we are needing those services for our businesses. Web design services for small businesses, while adding to business costs, improve brand recognition and revenue in the long run. Find more: www.globi.ca

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