Convert New Customers Using SEO and Social Media Marketing

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Did you know that a staggering number of researchers argue that advertising is the world’s most influential art form, and that internet users share 27 million posts (including pictures and links to content) per day? In today’s largely digital society, it is clear that consumers are online, and that is where advertisers and marketers need to focus their efforts. Why focus on search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing?

Search Marketing

According to Com Score research, 1,890 searches take place each and every second. Moreover, a growing number of consumers are browsing and searching while on the go, rendering searches and search marketing that much more important. SEO takes a largely holistic approach, using key terms, content, and visuals. With the emergence of Google algorithm updates and consumer trends, a growing number of marketers rely on custom SEO content. Why? An impressive 61% of consumers admit that they are more inclined to make purchases after reading original content. Graphic design agencies, also commonly known as full service ad agencies, offer small and medium-sized business help with all aspects of SEO, from visuals to quality content creation.

Social Media Marketing

Some of the best small business advertising tips revolve around maintaining current customers. Search engines help acquire new customers, while social media helps foster and care for business-consumer relationships. According to Search Engine Watch, “Social can be a very effective marketing tool, particularly when it comes to brand awareness and engagement.” Consumers generally “like” specific products and services on Facebook, for example, because they are loyal customers and/or searching for sales and discounts. An interactive advertising agency will tackle all aspects of social media marketing, and recognizes that sharing pictures, infographics, and visuals can be vitally important. Why? Our brains process images up to 60,000 times faster than standalone text.

Need tips for advertising? Head online to reach the most customers. Graphic design agencies can help you acquire new customers with effective search marketing, and keep those customers with discounts and content exclusive to social media. Links like this.

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