Did You Lose Your Remote Control?

Magnavox remote control

For most people, television is a part of their daily life. It is either turned on after dinner to enjoy a bit of relaxation, or some people park themselves on the couch to have dinner while watching their favorite shows. With modern technology, families have access to satellite, cable, Chromecast, and a host of other internet-based features that let them view hundreds of shows at any time.

But none of these things can even be turned on without a remote control. The latest flat screen TV’s and smart TV’s are nothing like early TV’s, or even ones from the 90’s. You often cannot even turn on a TV without a remote control now, and other devices, such Blu-ray and DVD players, are also manufactured without manual buttons. Without TV remote controls, none of these devices will work.

So if you have lost your remote control, you will need to replace it in order to watch TV. Early remotes, like the first one, called “Lazy Bones,” created by Zenith, were connected to the TV by a wire. Because remotes are now wireless, they can easily be lost anywhere in your house. If the infrared sensor is broken, the remote will not work either.

The good news is that you can easily find replacement remote controls online. Depending on the brand of your TV, you can visit that brand’s website to order a new remote by looking for the model on the back of the device that your lost or broken remote was communicating with. You can have your TV remote replacement in no time.

There are also websites that that sell many different remote controls for TV’s. By identifying the model number, you can order any kind of remote, from Sony remote controls, to Toshiba remote control replacements, to Philips remote controls, and many other brand name TV remotes. They often sell remote controls for TV’s for a reasonable price, and you can have the shipping expedited so that it arrives within a few days.

Once you have your replacement remote, and it is connected to your device, you can get back to lounging on the couch and watching your favorite TV shows. Continue your research here: remotes.com

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