An Interview With Tisha Oehmen, COO of Paradux Media Group

Paradux Media Group, based out of Southern Oregon, specializes in crafting brand messages and applying these messages across both traditional and new online media channels, thus providing clients with better marketing efficiency and a maximum return on their investment. Today we had the chance to talk with Tisha Oehmen, COO of Paradux Media Group, about her experience with running the business and staying on top of industry trends.
Ms. Oehman, what experiences and skills have enabled you to successfully run Paradux Media Group?
I grew up in this business and have had the opportunity to work with some the best and brightest marketing minds. I routinely read industry and non-industry content to keep my skills sharp, and to make sure I’m staying at the top of my game. Because we work with a diverse client base, I’m constantly exposed to different industries and what’s working (and not working) in them. Often the nugget of a great idea comes from one industry and the cross-application of that morphed idea to a different industry.
It’s fair to say that marketing is a fast-paced industry. How do you confront the challenges of constantly adjusting your approach?
Technology has radically changed our business for the better. Marketing is not the same as it was, the principles are the same, but the way it gets executed and the speed to completion are different. Same day isn’t just a hope; in some cases, it’s a requirement. The one thing I’m confident about is that next year, five years, and 10 years out, we’ll still be experiencing change. Our job is to stay flexible and continue adding new media channels to the mix. Finding the best ways to use those channels, and to promote our clients.
Sounds like you’re a good fit for the ever changing world of marketing. Is the business where you expected it to be right now in terms of growth?
In most respects, we’re well ahead of our business plan. Of course, the economy has changed elements that were originally in that business plan. But all in all, our business is continuing to grow, we have a great client-base, we love our team, and wouldn’t change a thing.
A good attitude to have. What would you say has been the most rewarding aspect of running your own business?
The most rewarding thing for me is getting to make a difference for my clients. Knowing we had a positive impact on their bottom line is always the best part for me. Well, that, and seeing our creative work out there in the real world. There’s nothing like driving past a billboard, or hearing a commercial we created, to make me feel all warm and fuzzy.
Paradux Media Group is located at PO Box 81, Eagle Point, OR. For more information about their services, visit, call (541) 727-0627, or email

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