Five Ways to Know You’ve Found the Best Custom Rotomolding Provider

Custom plastic parts

Are you interested in custom rotational molded plastic product development? The service provided by custom rotational molded plastic product development companies creates the exact part that you need, designed specifically with your requirements in mind. Custom rotational molded plastic product development companies make anything from plastic bulk containers to plastic lockers and everything in between. Truly, the sky is the limit with custom rotational molded plastic product development.

When searching for the right custom rotational molded plastic product development to use for your plastic parts needs, it’s important to look for a company who provides the following:

Five Things to Look for in Custom Rotational Molded Plastic Product Development

  1. Sustainable business practices.

    It takes the planet Earth a long time to break down and decompose plastic. Some plastic products will never decompose and return to the Earth. Some plastic products use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. For this reason, using a environmentally-focused plastic parts developer is important, perhaps more than with most vendors your business works with.

    If a plastic parts developer doesn’t use any recycled material in their production process, every item they make adds to our overflowing landfills. Conversely, when you use a plastic product developer who makes their goods with at least partially recycled plastic, it reduces the amount of plastic that is being trashed.

  2. Good turn-around time.

    Obviously, the faster that a rotomolding provider can get your product back to you, the better. However, it is important the product designer has a full grasp of your requirements before they make a thousand and ship them out to you. So, don’t let it become a show stopper if the custom plastics producer require lead time to gather your requirements and put together the exact plastic part you are looking for.

    Like in the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you want to look for a custom plastics producer that is like Goldilocks ideal porridge: not too fast, not too slow, just right.

  3. Longstanding experience.

    When designing custom plastics, every job is different. Since there’s not a “one size fits all” approach to custom plastic molding, it is not uncommon for unique issues to arise. When your custom plastics maker is new at the trade, these hiccups could turn into big disasters.

    Meanwhile, when you use a custom plastic producer who has been in the biz for years and years, they’ve run across every kind of issue, and know how to tackle it.

    Also, experience is a good sign of quality. When a rotomolding company makes poor-quality goods, they don’t stick around for long. However, when a company sticks around decade after decade, chugging along, it’s a good sign that they produce custom plastic goods that are worth investing in.

  4. Great customer service.

    A custom-designed rotomolding product involves good communication. You need to work with someone who is good at listening to fully understand your needs and requirements. You need to work with someone who is available to answer your questions, when you have them, not a week or two later. You need to work with someone who gives you a direct line so that any issue that arises while planning, and in production.

    You can get a good grasp of the kind of customer service that a rotomolding company provides before you ever hire them by asking a lot of questions (not directed to the salesperson), and carefully watching their responses.

  5. Customer loyalty.

    They say word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, and that same concept is true on the other side buying process. Finding a company who gets amazing reviews from other customers they work with is a sure bet that you are in good hands. Start out by asking the rotomolding company for contact information for a few of their customers. This a great way to get the “insider’s scoop” on the company’s business practices.

    Since these contacts will likely be biased, you should also look up customer reviews elsewhere. The internet is a great resource for company reviews. Look them up on a client review website, or ask around in forums relating to this subject.

Do you have any other tips for finding a good rotomolding company? Please share in the comment section below!

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