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Certain advertising companies may prefer old school techniques, while others may have shifted over entirely to promoting their clients on the internet. Last year, a full 24% of overall marketing spending centered on online and digital marketing. The reason that so many people have made the move to online advertising is because of the fact that so many people use Google and other search engines to find what they need.

A recent comScore qSearch student showed that approximately 1,890 searches are performed each second, totaling 4.9 billion Internet searches each month.

Even with all that, one thing that people still reply on is yellow page advertising. With yellow page advertising, the best internet advertising companies could help their clients be more visible in a place that shows business listings by zip code and address. Internet and advertising firms are incredibly helpful, as long as they know where to target their clients.

While yellow page advertising
can help to target people in the phone book, an online blog can help to target people through the internet. Companies that have an online blog can get up to 55% more web traffic. 57% of companies nowadays claim to have acquired new customers through their company blog.

No matter what kind of company you may have, you may find a layered advertising approach to be very beneficial. With the right advertising and marketing tools, you can attract more customers than you have ever previously enjoyed. More info like this:

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