Manhattan’s Wealthiest Are Using IV Therapy to Cure Their Hangovers

Vacuum leak test

While there are thousands of medical devices used to treat various conditions, none are perhaps so familiar or common as IV bags. This relatively simple instrument is part of a standard treatment method for many diseases and injuries, delivering needed medications and vitamins, as well as helping to hydrate the body. For this reason, pharmaceutical companies often rely on advanced leak detection services to check product integrity and provide container closure integrity testing. These leak tests ensure that the IV bags are sterile and will function correctly, preventing a number of serious problems that can harm a patient’s health. Soon, these services could be more important than ever before, as a growing number of upper-class Americans turn to intravenous therapy to help cure their hangovers and minor health concerns.

Services that deliver and facilitate IV therapy specifically designed to treat hangovers are becoming increasingly popular in pricey areas, especially in Manhattan neighborhoods like Chelsea and the Upper East Side. Customers can book an appointment, and a trained nurse will visit them within the hour to hook them up to a vitamin and electrolyte-infused IV drip for 30 minutes. These meetings can be and are arranged almost anywhere, from the privacy of the patient’s apartment to their office or even a hair salon. One provider, called the Hangover Club, even had a patient request the service during an Uber ride to the airport, a need they say they were able to fulfill.

The typical patient ranges from 25 to 40 years of age, and while some call the IV service a splurge, they can’t argue with the results: fans say that once the IV therapy is completed, they can expect to feel some relief from their symptoms within ten minutes, and are ready to start moving again within a half hour. Critics have called the service luxurious and irresponsible, but in cities like New York, where the vibrant nightlife is a central part of the area’s culture, it is easy to see why it is successful. But with these services using more IV bags than ever before, and treating some of Manhattan’s most influential residents to boot, sterility and safety are more important than ever before. If pharmaceutical companies are not currently using the most effective and advanced leak detection methods, better leak testing methods may be an investment worth considering.

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