Marketing in the Age of Google SEO Campaigns in Digital Media

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Everyone knows what Google and Yahoo! are, but how much do we really know? Well, for starters, it is estimated that approximately 93% of all internet experiences commence with a search on Google, Yahoo!, etc. That is an incredible figure, something (among other people) marketers, businesses, and digital marketing agencies are trying to take advantage of.

However, this is easier said than done. Using digital media venues such as Google to effectively market products and services requires considerable thought and effort. One rule of thumb is that simply advertising on Google or Yahoo! is no longer enough. It is estimated that nearly three-quarters of search engine users ignore paid advertisements straight-up. Internet marketing agencies know full-well the implications of this. In essence, it means that effective digital media and digital marketing must now rely on non-traditional, non-paid content to drive notoriety on search engines.

A study by OutBrain shows that search engine sites are the top drivers of traffic to content websites. This means that businesses that can best attract attention to themselves and can have their content websites appear on the top of search engine results can yield the best marketing results. Internet ad agencies take full advantage of this fact. They use their expertise to find ways to increase their clients’ presence on search engine results.

The best marketing and advertising tips for professionals in digital media can be funneled down to this: paid advertisements are dead. Digital advertising agencies know that building content which attracts Google, Yahoo!, and Bing is one of the most successful methods of digital marketing. All businesses, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, have the potential to harness Google’s awesome power to their advantage.

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