Purchase High Quality HDMI Cables for Your Home and Office

Highspeed hdmi cable

Whether you purchase bulk USB cables, or buy them one at a time, you know how important it is to have cables that perform optimally. When you have a home theater, a bank of office computers or several mobile devices, you don’t want any interruptions with connectivity.

Depending on what devices you’re using and/or connecting to, there are three HDMI Standard cables:

    HDMI Standard
    HDMI Standard with Ethernet
    HDMI Standard Automative

In addition, there are two high-speed types of cables:

    HDMI High Speed
    HDMI High Speed with Ethernet

When considering the types of cables you may need for your personal and/or business use, it’s important to have extras available. Here are a just a few different types of cables that you may want to include on your new shopping list:

    Cat6 ethernet cables
    Cell phone cables
    Fiber optic cables
    Lightning cables
    Siamese video cables
    USB 2.0 Device cables
    USB 2.0 extension cables
    USB 3.0 data cables
    USB 3.0 extension cables
    Zipcord fiber optic cables

In addition to purchasing bulk USB cables, you may also want to have extra surge protectors and cell phone accessories.

A cable’s length doesn’t make a difference with audio and video quality. However, if you do need a long cable, particularly one that is 100 feet or longer, then it’s a good idea to purchase one intended for that purpose.

When you’re considering the longevity of your cables, a quality CAT5 cable, for example, should last from five-to-ten years. It should go without saying that a damaged cord should not be used, which is another reason why it makes sense to purchase these in bulk.

If a phone charger cable is damaged or frayed, it can be a potential fire hazard. In 2008 alone, there were 53,600 home fires as a result of electrical fires, failures, and/or malfunctions. These types of fires can obviously claim lives, cause injuries, and damage property.

If you have one or more smartphones, they usually last for approximately two years. When you use a 12 watt USB power adapter, the iPhone 6’s charging time is approximately one hour and 50 minutes. An iPhone 6 Plus, however, takes approximately two hours and 30 minutes to completely charge.

To reduce charging time, you may want to consider a 12-watt iPad charger. This device can charge either phone in half the amount of time.

Using the right cable for each device not only makes a difference in your connectivity, it can also make a difference in how well these devices operate. It’s both practical and convenient to have bulk USB cables on hand so you don’t experience any workflow or entertainment interruptions. Read more.

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