Sleak, Minimalist Audio Visual Design

Audio visual

HiFi; eight track player; cassette tape. During the 1970s, these terms embodied the very essence of what was regarded as the cutting edge audio visual gear of the day. For those who came of age during those times, there was nothing more fun than inviting the crew up to your room to show off your brand new HiFi stereo. Not only did this fancy morsel of high tech equipment feature the smoothest direct drive turntable system ever, it also had a built in eight track tape player, and even a stylus that glowed under black lighting. Better yet, it even came with a microphone through which you and your comrades spent many hours recording a capella versions of hits by the Captain and Tenille, Bay City Rollers, Engelbert Humperdinck, and, of course, Convoy, by the iconic C.W. McCall. Although those were good times, the pro audio gear of today seems eons removed from the audio visual equipment of 40 years ago.

The audio visual equipment of today focuses largely on home automation, multiroom audio, Iled indicators, and touch sensitive lighting controls. The most interesting and perhaps aesthetically pleasing aspect of contemporary audio visual gear, is that it is smaller, lighter, and infinitely more streamlined than the equipment of yesteryear. The sleek, minimalist designs of today are a vast improvement upon the heavy, bulky, and unattractive faux wood designs that were so common 40 years ago. Then again, in the year 2053, young people might be shocked to learn that our audio visual gear could not be stored neatly beneath our pars triangularis. Read this for more:

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