The Importance of Getting Online — How You Can Put Your Business in Front of Millions

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An online presence has never been so important. While getting your business onto consumer’s screens has always been one of the obvious advantages of building a web site, their importance continues to burgeon.

In today’s marketplace, a web presence can arguably be considered a mandatory thing. Sites that optimize their content so that search engines find them easier is one of the most, if not the most important thing a business can do to increase visibility. A study conducted recently by the Search Engine Journal in 2012 found that 93 percent of all online experiences begin with search engines like Google. This means that the average Internet user is highly open to suggestion when browsing, and uses broad, generic search terms in conjunction with a search engine to find their desired results. Getting your web site up and onto these search engines is really that important.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to see why folks enjoy using search engines so much. The Pew Research Center conducted a similar study on Search Engine Use in 2012, and found that 86 percent of consumers found search engines useful because it allowed them to find out something new or important that helped them increase their knowledge.

If you want to think about getting your web site up and running, you might want to take a look at an SEO company, or a web design company, or inbound marketing companies. These entities are all masters of increasing a business’ visibility through online marketing. That means turning your website into a hub for huge amounts of traffic. Inbound marketing companies take things a step further, and even engage in email marketing, which is still effective. In the industry, only eight percent of all businesses still use this form of marketing, so it’s easy to gain an advantage by considering it.

Without an online presence, a business or similar entity is likely to suffer and fail to compete against businesses who do have an online footprint.

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