Three Advantages of Mobile POS Systems for Small Pharmacies

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Mobile POS systems: they represent one of the fastest growing segments in the retail point of sale system industry, the number of mobile POS terminals increased by 111% between 2011 and 2012, and tech experts predict that mobile POS will reach about 46% market share by 2017. It definitely seems like mobile POS systems aren’t going anywhere any time soon — but if you own and run a small pharmacy, you might just be surprised by how much your business would benefit from a mobile retail pharmacy POS system:

  • Face-to-face interactions are a big part of what makes local pharmacies stand out from big chain stores, and this personalized care provided by pharmacists is invaluable to customers. With mobile POS systems for pharmacies, your staff will able to provide even better customer service, with mobile devices that can make transactions anywhere in the store.

  • Because mobile POS systems are (obviously) much smaller than traditional cash registers, you’ll find that you have a little extra counter space for products — and when you run a small community pharmacy and you’re already limited with shelf space, just a little extra space can make a big difference. Your pharmacy may not be able to provide the huge variety of name-brand products that a national chain store can offer, but you’ll be able to keep your shelves and counters stocked with more essential items that your customers need and want.

  • Security is key in any pharmacy POS system, not only because you have to protect customers’ personal bank and credit card information, but because you also have a lot of personal medical information filed away that needs to be protected. With a mobile pharmacy POS system, the mobile devices provided with the software come with security features like encrypted card swiping and electronic signature capturing and storing. You can make sure that your customers’ information isn’t put in jeopardy, and you can also make sure that your pharmacy abides by every federal and pharmaceutical regulation.

So if your pharmacy needs a POS system upgrade in the near future, definitely make sure to consider what a mobile POS system can do for your business.

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