Three Ways Avoid Accidents and Natural Disasters When Doing Heavy Duty Shoring

Large excavation shoring

Safety should always be a number one concern for any company that does activities, such as heavy duty shoring. It is required by OSHA that all workers have safe and easy access to any excavation site, such as working in a trench, or something similar. Having a simple way to get out, such as a ladder or ramp is not only needed for workers, it is required by law. Of course, it is important to have backup methods as well, since workers can find themselves competing with mother nature to get their jobs done. Here are three ways companies can provide work-arounds when natural disasters occur.

<>strong>Bridges Should Be Offered When There Are Instances of Flooding

Although most common during the summer months, flooding can happen at any time, and spell disaster for construction workers. In cases such as these, having a temporary bridge can make a world of difference in giving workers a safe place to work from. This allows them to get their jobs done, and can be useful, since most bridges today need a great deal of repair work done, and are considered structurally deficient. It makes sense to have a fast installation bridge that can avoid these problems, and give workers a safe alternative to complete their jobs from, without having to wait for a flood to go away.

There Can Be Dangerous Gases and Other Problems When Working an Excavation Site

When doing heavy duty shoring, individuals need to take extra precautions, so they are not doing anything to endanger themselves as they dig. This is because on many such sites, the atmospheric gases may need to be tested. Individuals who dig in deep trenches should also consider that the oxygen levels might not be what they are used to, and cause further problems if they are not correctly prepared for them. Heavy duty shoring carries its own unique issues, and it is important to be aware of these and pay attention while still working safely.

Workers Must Be Aware of Tornadoes and Work to Avoid Them

Workers should take care to be mindful of the weather and their unique situation, when they are working with trench shoring, or any other type of excavation process. Being stuck somewhere while a tornado is occurring can be dangerous, and not always easy to get out of. If workers need to stop for a while, that is more important than compromising their safety. Shoring itself can be dangerous work, but it does not need to be doubled with a natural disaster. Safety should always come first and foremost, no matter what the company?s goals are in finishing the project.

Workers should always take care to use alternative methods when dealing with nature as they work. Solutions like temporary bridges are useful in cases of floods. When working in a trench shoring box, individuals should be aware of changes in oxygen levels. Finally, if a work zone becomes too dangerous, it is important to stop and wait for a possible disaster to pass.

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