With IT Security Lacking at Many Enterprises, a Shift Toward Managed Services

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As a skill shortage within the IT sector becomes increasingly apparent and network security becomes an increasing concern at businesses everywhere, more enterprises are turning to advanced computer services such as managed IT support services.

According to a January 29 ZD Net article, staffing an internal IT department is difficult for many businesses — especially smaller enterprises.

These internal departments are rarely worth their cost. With IT managed services, a business simply pays for the services as they are needed rather than continuously staffing a full-time IT department. This translates to huge cost savings for a business’ technology, which can often make the difference between success and failure at a smaller start-up or local business.

Even at large companies that would normally staff a large department of IT professionals and can afford to pay these people a good salary, a lack of talent in the applicant field creates difficulties with filling positions, ZD Net reports. Managed services providers staff a team of technicians who are experts at their jobs, making advanced computer services, system repairs and updates quick and efficient.

Nor do traditional internal IT departments typically provide the network security needed to fend off data breaches at many enterprises.

When about 59% of data breaches come from within — usually when employees leak corporate data after quitting or being fired — the reasons for investing in an external managed services company’s services are even more clear.

By the end of 2014, U.S. companies and organizations spent more than $13 billion on various cloud computing and IT managed services. In 2015, this figure will only continue to grow — will your business be one of the many enterprises switching to managed services?

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