Worried About Cybersecurity? A Free Vulnerability Assessment Can Help

If your organization is growing and in need of more IT services, you may be concerned about the security of your network. Every day, thousands of cyberattacks are committed, exposing sensitive data and potentially even shutting down the operations of a business. The destructive power of hackers who seek to exploit network security weaknesses earlier this year was shown by a ransomware of a major attack of a major gas pipeline in the United States, leaving many people unable to fuel their cars and leaving the company attacked scrambling to attempt to restart service for their clients. Often, criminals will mount a ransomware attack in which they take control of vital network infrastructure and will not allow you to access this necessary service until you pay an often hefty fee. To learn whether or not your network is vulnerable, you may consider a free vulnerability assessment.

This is a form of network penetration testing which seeks to show you where there may be weaknesses in your cybersecurity system.

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By enlisting a firm that offers managed IT services, you can be sure that your customers, your business, and your data are kept safe from these criminals

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