Are You Digitally Challenged? Online Advertising Pros Can Help Craft Effective Campaigns

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Online advertising campaigns can seem overwhelming, especially for businesses that have focused on print media for many years. Generating keywords for ad campaigns and finding the perfect set of keywords to use is a newer skill set and remains in high demand. Some companies notice that when they opt for “pay per click” banner ads and other PPC ads they are able to generate a higher level of customer interest.

The term “pay per click” refers to an advertising practice where the company is only charged a fee once a potential customer clicks on their online advertisement or banner. Experts report that pay per click traffic can be a great way to start a new branding campaign, as long as there is a long-term focus on generating conversions. While an attractive ad may generate customer clicks, a disorganized or irrelevant landing page may act against the customer’s desire to purchase products or services online.

Luckily, websites are relatively simply to reorganize, and many pay per click marketing firms also offer webpage optimization services as well as help with keyword generation. Sometimes companies can spend much more than their advertising budget allows in an attempt to use certain popular keywords. For example, while “umbrella” may be a highly sought-after keyword, the term “collapsible umbrella” may be available for advertising at a lower rate.

PPC experts should be able to research and advise on strategy for interested companies; ever-evolving advertising “best practices” can cause confusion for marketers who are used to conducting a different style of campaign. A PPC company, on the other hand, should have a fair sense of the cost involved with conducting a well-structured digital marketing campaign.

Over 80% of businesses online report that new customer acquisition is best done digitally, and the advertising market generated over $9 billion in the first two quarters of last year alone. Correctly implemented, pay per click marketing can be lucrative, experts say; recent studies indicate that in an era where almost every customer begins an online purchase using a search engine, maintaining a digital presence can be essential for businesses of every size.

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