How To: Making A Sandblaster

Sandblasting is a great way to customize products. It can remove paint and other coatings, giving you a great starting surface to make your own customizations. It can also be used to etch designs into the surface of certain materials, including glass.

If you want to try custom sandblasting, you don’t need a lot of high-tech equipment or an expensive purpose-built machine. Instead, you can follow the tutorial posted here to make your own sandblaster.

Video Source

In the video, the sandblaster starts with an air compressor attachment designed to spray paint or other materials. With a few modifications, it can be attached to a plastic bottle filled with sand or any other blasting medium. Compressed air from a small, relatively inexpensive air compressor is used to force the sand through the attachment.

In the end, you can create a simple, highly effective, and relatively inexpensive sandblaster by following the tutorial in the video. Even if you have to purchase an air compressor, you can use your air compressor for all kinds of projects outside of sandblasting, so it will be an investment in your workshop.

To learn more about custom sandblasting, you can reach out to sandblasting professionals in your area.

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