Land Clearing Study Guide The Equipment Involved

Land clearing, particularly in wetlands and areas with dense vegetation, is often a project best done with specialized equipment. This article will discuss the most commonly used pieces of equipment for land clearing and what their purposes are. Watch the video below to learn more.

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The first specialized equipment used for land clearing was a bulldozer. Bulldozers have a long blade in the front that can push down trees and other plants to clear an area of vegetation. They are typically quite large vehicles and are run by a driver in the cab who controls the blades and other functions. The drivers of bulldozers must have a special license since they are heavy vehicles that require special skills.

Another option is to use an excavator with large hydraulic arms that can dig up plant roots and push them aside so they do not get into construction projects like building houses or roads on top of cleared land. Excavators are also powered by diesel fuel like bulldozers but are smaller than them and do not require special licenses for operation.

A third option is using backhoes, which are machines similar to excavators but smaller and more lightweight. Call home for more details!


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