User Provisioning Software and the Many Meetings in the Workplace Today

Automation in the workplace has led to so many different possibilities, especially with WebEx and the online meeting. While these meetings provide the ability for additional multi-tasking, it can also add to the potential for lost focus and lack of productivity. If the intent of a meeting is only held by the meeting organizer, there is much more lost from the web meeting than what is gained.

Provisioning Tools and Meeting Solutions

Considering the amount of time spent in meetings, an average of between 30 and 40 percent per employee, there is much more time needed for the actual workplace function. Therefore, the benefits of programs such as Cisco WebEx and CiscoWebEx Meeting hold great potential in the workplace. With almost 11 million workplace meetings help each day, there is much to be had for each employee who has to attend over two meetings daily. This leads to the question of the functionality that is lost while employees are sitting in meetings planning, talking. And organizing. All of those issues are important, but the work of the company needs to be handled as well.

User Provisioning Software

The addition of user provisioning software to the workplace can manage the time spent in these meetings. While there is much to gain from web meetings, user provisioning software has the long-term potential to organize these meetings, there is not necessarily a need for the users to be more closely managed by the meeting organizers, but only for the video sharing and screen sharing functions that will be continuously developed.

Specific Provisioning Tools for User Benefits

Sometimes there is not a specific need for a large meeting to take place online, but for the ability of smaller conversations and individual meetings. Some of these tools and features include the following:

  • Chatbot for your site
  • Chatbots
  • Cisco call manager tools
  • Cisco chatbot
  • Cisco CUCM
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Cisco provisioning
  • Cisco provisioning manager
  • Cisco Spark Bot
  • Cisco unified communications

With so many different communications options, there is the possibility to communicate directly with a colleague, client, or customer while completing other tasks. This can help with the ability to multi-task, especially when it can be difficult to use the phone for communication while also using the computer. Sometimes in these conversations, there is the added ability to import conversation details and records into CRM and other programs to help keep everything recorded in detail while also at the time that it is taken in.

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